When a mouse is discovered in the home, consumers can spend hours researching how to catch and remove it. You spend money on mouse traps, poison and replacing damaged items in your home. Rather than these temporary solutions, we encourage you to call LONESTAR Pest Solutions to get rid of mice in your home or office for good.

There are two main types of mice found in North America; the deer mouse and house mouse being the most common pests for homeowners. These mice are grayish brown, with a slightly lighter belly, and weigh up to one ounce.



Signs of a Mice Infestation

  • Scratching or shrill squeaking
  • Sounds of scampering
  • Droppings in the kitchen
  • Tracks left in dusty areas
  • Gnaw marks on furniture, walls or boxes

Damage Caused by Mice

Mice can make adorable pets if purchased at a pet store and properly cared for, but a wild field mouse invasion is anything but cute. Not only can mice ruin your dry food storage, they can seriously harm water and gas pipes, electric cables, packaging and woodwork. This damage can be so severe that electrical fires and floods can occur as a result.

Mouse control is also a priority for a sanitary environment. It’s not healthy to live or work in an area that has been infested with mice. Mice constantly leave a trail of urine behind as they rummage through your food and nibble away at your ceiling. This can lead to breakouts of Salmonella, Murine Typhus,¬†Rickettsialpox and even¬†Bubonic plague.


When we transition from summer to fall and winter, mice tend to look for warmer places to nest. If you discover an infestation, it can be more affordable and less time consuming to call a mouse exterminator to avoid further damage to your home.

Our exterminators know all about mice and how to get rid of them for good. Our fast, professional, and licensed mouse extermination technicians will remove the pests in your home or office for your peace of mind.

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